11 December 2011

Octobre 30, 2011. Karaoke Response from Myriam

As a response to Keiko's postcard diary of August 22, 2011

 Myriam sings:
"Toune d'automne" des Cowboys Fringants
Bar nos Aieux, 30 Octobre 2011

Les Cowboys Fringants - Toune d'automne
"Keiko’s diary make me think of the song "toune d’automne" which tells the story of a guy who's happy to see his sister returning from a long trip during fall. He missed her a lot and he is relieved that she finally returns. Autumn can be sad and gloomy, but with the arrival of his little sister, he felt a great comfort and brings him to see the arrival of autumn more positively. When I was younger, my sister left for a long trip and I use to listen to this song and think of her often. I understood the singer who was worried about her little sister and felt related to what was described in the song."

Émilie Jacob-Allard