7 June 2012

December 9, 2011 Postcard diary from Keiko

December 9, 2011
"Someone I met at a vernissage told me he got a motorboat license so he can go into small canals of Tokyo. Plus he's a captain. Oh I want to be called captain too...!"

12 April 2012

January, 2012. Karaoke Response from Keiko

As a response to Myriam's postcard diary of October 1st, 2011

 Keiko sings:

"Fuyu ga Hajimaruyo"
by Makihara Noriyuki

At Karaoke-kan, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Fuyu ga Hajimaruyo (Winter's Starting) - Makihara Noriyuki
"I thought the song Fuyu ga Hajimaru yo was appropriate to get you ready for winter that was just around the corner. The song explains why the boy bought not only a short sleeved shirt but also one with long sleeves for the girl's birthday in August, the middle of summer, which turns out his way of expressing his hope that the relationship would last till winter."


4 April 2012

October 1st, 2011 Postcard diary from Myriam

October 1, 2011
"Since a week, it's seems like it's already winter. I feel like you about summer: I am not ready to let it go. Maybe it's because I was born in late summer."

11 December 2011

Octobre 30, 2011. Karaoke Response from Myriam

As a response to Keiko's postcard diary of August 22, 2011

 Myriam sings:
"Toune d'automne" des Cowboys Fringants
Bar nos Aieux, 30 Octobre 2011

Les Cowboys Fringants - Toune d'automne
"Keiko’s diary make me think of the song "toune d’automne" which tells the story of a guy who's happy to see his sister returning from a long trip during fall. He missed her a lot and he is relieved that she finally returns. Autumn can be sad and gloomy, but with the arrival of his little sister, he felt a great comfort and brings him to see the arrival of autumn more positively. When I was younger, my sister left for a long trip and I use to listen to this song and think of her often. I understood the singer who was worried about her little sister and felt related to what was described in the song."

Émilie Jacob-Allard

8 November 2011

August 22, 2011. Postcard diary sent by Keiko


August 22, 2011
"It's getting darker faster these days. I didn't notice summer's ending and for some reason I'm feeling so sad to let it go. For the first time in my life I'm not ready for fall."

4 November 2011

April 7, 2011. Karaoke response from Keiko

As a response to Myriam's postcard diary of April 7, 2011

 Keiko sings:

"Kasa ga Nai"
by Inoue Yosui

At karaoke-kan in Shinjunku. August 2011

Inoue Yosui - Kasa ga Nai
" Myriam's diary in which she had to wash her hair in the kitchen sink made me think about everyday life as a chain of random odd things. I thought of the song "Kasa ga Nai (literary translates no umbrella)" by Inoue Yosui, for the obvious reference to water, and the way he suddenly changes one subject to another, from Japan's societal issues to him not having an umbrella and wanting to go see his lover. "
Haruka Ideue

1 November 2011

April 7, 2011. Postcard Diary from Myriam


April 7, 2011
"I had to wash my hair in the kitchen washbassin this morning. It reminded me when I was young, my dad use to wash my hair in the wash bassin and all the water was running down my ears."