4 November 2011

April 7, 2011. Karaoke response from Keiko

As a response to Myriam's postcard diary of April 7, 2011

 Keiko sings:

"Kasa ga Nai"
by Inoue Yosui

At karaoke-kan in Shinjunku. August 2011

Inoue Yosui - Kasa ga Nai
" Myriam's diary in which she had to wash her hair in the kitchen sink made me think about everyday life as a chain of random odd things. I thought of the song "Kasa ga Nai (literary translates no umbrella)" by Inoue Yosui, for the obvious reference to water, and the way he suddenly changes one subject to another, from Japan's societal issues to him not having an umbrella and wanting to go see his lover. "
Haruka Ideue