27 October 2011

March 11, 2011. Karaoke response sent from Myriam

As a response to Keiko's postcard diary of March 11, 2011

 Myriam sings:

"pour l'amour qu'il nous reste"
de Francine Raymond

Le p'tit Buck. 22 avril 2011, Montreal

Francine Raymond - Pour l'amour qu'il nous reste
"When I read Keiko's words, the last sentence caught my attention. The melody of a song heard during my childhood came back to my memory, which I loved the melancholic and tragic tone. In the chorus, the music increases with an apocalyptic sentence: "the earth bursts and gives rise to rivers of blood" (here I interpret an approximative translation!) to calm down after, softer when facing fatality, saying something like : "So much, for the love that remains to us". I used to sing this song in my head a lot, as it nourished the soul of the great melancholic sensitive girl I was. Now, looking at the tragedy Keiko's country is going through, this song seams to be meaningful."

Sarah Bronsard